Feng Shui: 5 Things that will bring Luck to the House

Oct 19, 2022 | Posts

It is known that the Chinese are way over a billion. It can’t be wrong that so many people believe in feng shui, the Chinese philosophy that promises that by following certain rules you can ensure good luck, prosperity, health, happiness and success in your home!

What is feng shui

 Feng Shui in a few words is an ancient Chinese philosophy which claims that the place and the way objects are placed in the house affect the energy of the house. And because we want luck and positive energy in our home we don’t miss anything to include the following 5 items in our home decoration.

Feng Shui: Plants for Good Luck

 Plants are carriers of high energy and according to the principles of feng shui, they “filter” the energy that passes into our space creating a balanced and harmonious environment.

There are also some specific species that are considered lucky and “magnets” of good luck. Bamboo is considered the best choice because it brings luck, health, wealth, abundance, love and prosperity to the house. Alternatively, you can choose jasmine which is thought to help strengthen relationships, so if you’ve recently moved in with your significant other, put in a pot of jasmine. Basil is also a good choice as it is considered to clear the air of negative energy and attract positive energy.

Feng Shui: Tree of Semi-Precious Gemstones for Prosperity

In feng shui the semi-precious gemstone tree enhances luck and prosperity. Also, the gemstones that it is made of give different qualities to a space. Choose a tree with quartz or amethyst stones that symbolize selfless love and meditation respectively.

Place them in the southwest sector of your home to give you the best possible results. In fact, if you have children who go to school or study, placing a tree with semi-precious amethyst stones in the bedroom enhances luck in studies, while placing a tree with quartz stones in the center of the living room strengthens family ties.

Feng Shui: Coins for Wealth

According to feng shui, Chinese coins with a square hole in the middle are the most effective and easy-to-use charms for wealth and protection. But where can you hang them?

Ideally hang them with a red ribbon on the main front door or under the entrance mat (plain or better in a red envelope), which mat, by the way, should always be clean and in good condition. Thus, wealth will enter your home or business.

Feng Shui: Laughing Buddha for abundance

 In feng shui, the laughing Buddha is the ultimate symbol of joy, abundance and prosperity, and the things He is usually seen holding are said to be sources of endless wealth. Make sure to place it in the southeast or north part of your house, at eye level and facing the main entrance. Hence, positive energy will enter your home through the main door and be multiplied by the Buddha. Alternatively, you can place it on a corner table that is diagonally opposite to the main entrance of your home and have it always facing the main door.

Feng Shui: Water equals wealth

 For feng shui water is the ultimate symbol of wealth. After all, its name means “wind and water”. So fountains and aquariums are among the most well-known decorative elements that are recommended to bring financial good fortune to your home. You can place one near the entrance to your home or workplace or, if you have a business, near the cash register.

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